If you are our purpose, we'll find you.

Tech is a key tenet of our mission. Our portfolio includes innovative web2, web3, luxury real estate, autonomous robotics, autonomous tourism and blockchain brands.

We build algorithmic tech on foundations of highly autonomous Artificial Intelligence systems that outperforms almost all of humanity at economies-of-scale, to achieve minimal time spent to a unit of money earned ratio.

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This project is named after a tough and rugged natural plant that connotes bravery, courage and loyalty. Its thorns have a kind of undefeated fortitude that can endure. Legend has it that its vibrant purple color once stood for royalty and nobility. The Thistle plant and its resilient burr is a species that can survive in the toughest of conditions no matter what life throws at it.

THISTLE^ was built to bring "economic emancipation" to its beneficiaries, You, whilst taking on a formidable foe, the emotional and previously thought unconquerable securities stock and cryptocurrency markets.

The THISTLE AI^, is an engineering for freedom, absolute.