Artificial Intelligence. Outperform Human Imagination. Creativity Unfolded.



We crafted Thicaso^ to create realistic imagery and art from a description in natural language, a system that Thistle^ already uses for its "The Fungibles^" NFTs powered with OpenAI.
Thistle^ is a research experiment with AI to push boundaries of predictive behaviour in market trading.
Building algorithmic tech on foundations of highly autonomous Artificial Intelligence systems that outperforms almost all of humanity at economies-of-scale, to achieve minimal time spent to a unit of money earned ratio.
Thicaso^ is a generative art bot that experiments with the power of AI and demonstrates just one of many ways we use it to outperform humans.

Write your scene / story

The AI trained models will then generate an image or illustration based on your input.

A stern-looking owl dressed as a librarian, digital art
Indian tiger wearing a hat in a green room, watching tv, 3d render
A Shiba Inu dog wearing a beret and black turtleneck
African farmer digging for gold on a beach, wearing a hat, fishing boats in the background sunset, turtle in sand, digital art
A sunlit indoor lounge area with a pool with clear water and another pool with translucent pastel pink water, next to a big window, digital art
Elephants in dark room, playing poker, mice on floor, cigarette smoke, whisky on table, baby holding gun, digital art
Describe the scene, give it style: 3d render, abstract, high quality, bright red lighting, picasso style, impressionist, painting, dark room, sketch, digital art, water color, macro 35mm film, oil pastel drawing, crayon drawing, vaporwave

The age of A.I. is here, your story turned into an image.